Building Change Trust launch Civic Activism ToolKit

Building Change Trust launch Civic Activism ToolKit

21 Jan 2015

A grassroots democracy toolkit for civil society in Northern Ireland and beyond

The toolkit has been developed to enable the sector to reconnect with citizens, and facilitate their engagement in decision-making through experimenting with innovative and creative civic activism tools and approaches.

It has been compiled from two main sources:

  • A series of Ideas Generation workshops conducted across Northern Ireland in June 2014, facilitated by the Interaction Institute for Social Change and Helen McLaughlin
  • Research and mapping of innovative international tools and approaches, conducted by Involve, a London-based NGO specialising in public participation

During early 2015 the Trust will also be launching a grants programme to provide linked to this toolkit to enable the VCSE sector in Northern Ireland to experiment with the tools presented in Tools Directory.

There are three main sections to this toolkit:

  1. Top Tips: collected wisdom from experienced local practitioners on what works and what doesn’t.
  2. Some Local Insipration: four case studies of innovative civic activism initiatives in Northern Ireland.
  3. Tools Directory: a compilation of 29 tools and approaches from around the world that could potentially be applied in Northern Ireland.


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