Inependence of the Voluntary sector

Inependence of the Voluntary sector

22 Jan 2013

Voluntary sector independence under serious threat

This is the second report by the Panel on the Independence of the Voluntary sector.

The Panel’s latest report – Independence under Threat – said that both explicit government actions, and inactions, had had a serious impact on the independence of campaigning charities working with it. The report says the Government has:

  • imposed contractual  gagging orders on some charities, stopping them speaking out about government policies or publicly releasing data

  • advised local authorities not to fund certain campaigning charities

  • failed to carry out its own policies to support the independence of the voluntary sector.

    The Panel’s conclusions are based on a wide range of evidence, including from charity leaders, who said that their independence was at risk and that they felt less able to speak out against government policies that adversely affected their clients because of the impact of contracts with central and local government.

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