Support for Women who Offend in Northern Ireland - A research report.

Support for Women who Offend in Northern Ireland - A research report.

23 May 2016

A research report carried out by Kate Campbell that explores the current landscape of statutory and community interventions supporting women who offend and those at risk of offending.


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This comprehensive research report scopes the current landscape of support and interventions for women who offend and are caught up in the criminal justice system in Northern Ireland.

The report states "There is overwhelming evidence from the interviews to support a different approach to women who offend. Certainly a small number are both high risk and need a high level of supervision within a secure facility due to the nature of their crime. The interview findings mirrored the literature in that many women in prison are vulnerable due to mental ill-health, domestic/ sexual violence and addictions. Many also have poor education and limited life choices that relate to poverty. The need to address the latter is evident and the criminalisation of poverty and ill-health does not appear to be tackled in a cohesive way."

The report makes a number of key conclusions and recommendations for the women, policy makers and organisations.

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