Make It Work Youth

Make It Work Youth

16 Feb 2015 - By Stephen McIlwaine

The youth strand of the ‘Make It Work’ campaign; a spontaneous civil society response to the political impasse at Stormont, funded by VSB continues to meet on a regular basis at the Crescent Arts Centre.

The Crescent arts centre provides an informal space to discuss how the campaign is going and how we can expand the campaign over a cupa. The seed group consists of a diverse range of young people from various backgrounds ands stages in life. Meeting take place every other week to discuss what ‘Making It Work’ means in their respective circles and how can they influence the political impasse to ‘Make It Work’ for them.

If you would like to join in with the Crescent Arts Centre group contact for more information.

and for more information on the campaign

Twitter: @makeitworktoday #makeitwork

Facebook: makeitwork


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