Make It Work Campaign an update from Stratagem

Make It Work Campaign an update from Stratagem

27 Feb 2015 - By Stephen McIlwaine

The ‘Make it Work’ campaign is a spontaneous civil society response to the political impasse at Stormont. Make it Work is an initiative in which individuals and groups from across the community are encouraging politicians to come to agreement in the inter-party talks on contentious issues.

Make it Work was a spontaneous response to the imminent collapse of our political institutions in the autumn of 2014; a group of civil society leaders gathered themselves, wrote a powerful appeal that was placed with 22 leading signatories in all three daily papers, and then built a grassroots movement of encouragement for our politicians to redouble their efforts to reach agreement.

Cause and effect are almost impossible to prove in campaigns of this sort, but many participants in the eventual pre-Christmas Stormont House Agreement (SHA) pay tribute to the Make it Work background support and encouragement.

Now the hard part – implementation of the SHA, in the mouth of elections in May, and crippling financial pressures. But already the 2015/16 NI Budget, and latterly the Welfare Reform package have both been through the Assembly, demonstrating political will to make progress.

Numerous working groups are studying all aspects of the SHA and making reports on how to advance their principles.

Meanwhile Make it Work continues its dual activity, working up the way with political parties and the governments, and out the way in local communities, briefing, urging, explaining, consulting and engaging citizens in the political discourse of change.

Events have been organised on the SS Nomadic, at NICVA, Clifden House, Crescent Arts Centre, QUB, North Belfast Alternatives and on Sandy Row, mobilising ideas and action. A further round of discussions will take place in Derry~Londonderry and Cookstown, shortly.

Two and a half thousand signatures have now been gathered, over a thousand have ‘liked’ the Facebook page and 500 follow the Twitter feed.

Join us @MakeItWorkToday and on www.MakeItWork.Today

Claire Shanks

Public Affairs Analyst


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