Quaker Storytelling Project

Quaker Storytelling Project

02 Mar 2015 - By Stephen McIlwaine

VSB and The Pilgrims Trust has contributed funding towards The 'Quaker Storytelling Project'

Janette McKnight Director of Quaker Service - This is our 4th published storytelling project using art as a means to enable people to communicate their journey through life, past hurts and future hopes.  Each publication has taken on its own character, and each individual story is unique.   You may find this new chapter of 8 stories, ‘Emotional Journeys, Back to the Future’ somewhat harrowing, but they are true life stories which we need to take very seriously.  We need to change things in our society to improve the life chances of people going through extremely challenging circumstances.

Quaker Service is a Quaker charity which provides support for people in Northern Ireland going through difficult times.  Our vision is for a Northern Ireland where all people are valued and fulfil their potential, regardless of their circumstances or choices in life.  Our ethos is guided by Quaker beliefs and values.  Quakers believe that there is a divine spark in everyone and it is this fundamental belief that leads us to value the equal worth, unique nature and potential for greatness in every individual. And I believe that this booklet illustrates that very clearly.

Quaker Service could not have published this booklet without the support and input of many partners. We would like to thank Prison Arts Foundation and particularly Michelle for providing the artistic input in this project, NIACRO for providing the premises as well as permitting us to work with their clients, the Inspire Women’s Centre for their support, and the Pilgrim Trust and VSB Small Grants Programme who provided the funding.  I would also like to thank our own Rory Doherty who designed and delivered the project for Quaker Service.

Each of the eight stories in this booklet shows tremendous honesty, resilience and a desire to make things better.  Most of all, I would like to thank the women who have bravely used this project to reflect on their past and to look forward to a different future. It was our privilege to work with you and we can see greatness in each and every one of you.

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