The Sydney Stewart Memorial Trust

The Sydney Stewart Memorial Trust

24 Mar 2015 - By Stephen McIlwaine

Research into The Sydney Stewart Memorial Trust highlights the fantastic work achieved by Northern Irish young people on a international scale through volunteer projects funded by the Trust.

The Voluntary Service Bureau is currently conducting research into The Sydney Stewart Memorial Trust. The Trust's archives highlight the fantastic work achieved throughout the world via the generosity and contribution of The Sydney Stewart Memorial Trust.

The Sydney Stewart Memorial Trust was established to honour the life and work of Sydney Stewart, Director of Voluntary Service Belfast 1973-1987.  The aim of the Trust was to promote volunteering. Sydney Stewart had a personal commitment and involvement with helping those in need throughout the world.  He was an active member of War On Want and led groups to undertake practical tasks and bring medical supplies to projects in India. To recognise this dimension of service, the Trustees supported groups from across Northern Ireland undertaking international voluntary service.

Research into the Trust archives has found that the majority of people whom applied for a grant were groups or individual young people, either associated with Universities or Churches. The young people applied for a grant of up to 300 that went towards international volunteering projects, primarily in Africa, South America and Asia.


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