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Gabby Doherty


Gabrielle is the Executive Director of CONNECT-NICEM, a social economy business established by the Northern Ireland Council for Ethnic Minorities (NICEM), which provides the interpreting services to the criminal justice agencies in Northern Ireland.

After graduating from Queen’s University Belfast with a BA in Social Anthropology, Gabrielle completed a Diploma in Community Development with QUB.

Gabrielle has worked for the Northern Ireland Council for Ethnic Minorities since 1997. In her role as the Co-ordinator of the Capacity Building Team within NICEM she has provided a wide range of support programmes to the BME sector, and the team introduced the first locally based accredited qualification for Community Interpreters in Northern Ireland. Gabrielle managed the establishment of ‘CONNECT-NICEM’ and together with Joan Colin, has worked on the development of a range of NOCN qualifications for Interpreters working in Northern Ireland.

CONNECT-NICEM is an organisation of 10 staff delivering interpreting services to the criminal justice sector on a 24hr basis, 365 days per year. CONNECT-NICEM also delivers Anti-racism and equality training and research and consultancy services. Gabrielle is a Peer Reviewer for the ‘PQASSO’ Quality Mark licensed by the Charities Evaluation Service (UK), working with voluntary sector organisations on implementing the ‘PQASSO’ Quality Management System within their organization.

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