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Maire Young OBE, Has a BA (Hons) in Psychoplogy and works as a management trainer and consultant in both voluntary and statutory organisations within the personal social services sector in Northern Ireland. Her main areas of work are in Strategic Planning; Management Training; Management Committee Development; Recruitment & Selection; Equal Opportunities and Diversity.

She served on VSB’s management committee from 2000 up until the merge with Volunteer Now. Since then she has served as Vice-Chairperson of Volunteer Now. She has been a volunteer with HomeStart on the Northern Ireland Support and Advisory Group since 1994, joining the Management Committee in 2000 and the Board of Trustees in 2007.  The roles and responsibilities of voluntary management committees and the contribution of volunteering to sustainable communities are particular areas of interest.

She was appointed Chair of the Youth Council for Northern Ireland in May 2000. YCNI has a statutory responsibility to advise the Minister for Education and other public bodies on issues relating to the development of the Youth Service and young people in Northern Ireland. It acts to champion the well-being, rights and participation of young people by supporting the development of effective youth policies and quality youth work practice and by facilitating meaningful collaboration between youth organisations and all sectors with responsibility for young people.

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