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New Crisis fund launched

Project Description

Junior Ministers Jennifer McCann and Jonathan Bell today outlined the benefits of the new Crisis Fund for vulnerable minority ethnic people.

Junior Minister Bell launched OFMDFM’s “Crisis Fund” this month, worth £55,000.The fund will be administered by the Red Cross and operate until the end of March in the first instance. The Crisis Fund aims to provide short term, emergency financial assistance to those who are vulnerable to destitution and to help them avoid a crisis.

The main groups we expect to benefit are vulnerable migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. The sort of things that can happen to anyone, such as a car breaking down, or losing a job, can be potentially disastrous for some of these people. They can find themselves unable toaccess public funds due to their immigration status, with their friends and family hundreds or thousands of miles away.

The Crisis Fund will offer them help to deal with a short-term crisis – just a little help at the right time to stop things spiralling out of control and costing more in the longer term.


Contacts on the Crisis Fund:

Policy – Ken Fraser, Racial Equality Unit, OFMDFM – Tel. 028 90 522615

Operational – Neil McKittrick, Red Cross – Tel. 028 90 735350

Further information can be found here:

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